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Previously, buying a home was always the first choice of Vietnamese people, but now people are turning to renting apartments to stay. However, in big cities like district 2 HCMC, renting an apartment is not easy. Understanding that concern, launches apartment rental consultancy service in district 2 Ho Chi Minh City to help residents get a comfortable place to live.

1. Demand for renting and renting apartments in District 2 today

Many investors choose to buy apartments for rent in the context of not increasing prices but also tend to decrease. The number of newly completed apartments increased sharply, causing competition in the segment of apartments for rent in District 2 to increase recently. Affordable apartments attract more people to rent than luxury apartments because it is suitable for the financial resources of the majority of people.

From the fact, real estate distribution units in district 2 Ho Chi Minh City. HCM City recorded many newly launched projects that attracted buyers thanks to subleasing. Catching the new investment trend, the developers of apartments for rent in District 2 have provided more convenient services such as shuttle bus, room cleaning service ... and commitment to tenants at the price. both incentives.

This is kind of attractive. However, according to experts, investors should choose projects with good rental locations, where many people live and work, located near external utilities.

People who rent apartments in District 2 are also extremely diverse, maybe the workers migrate to the big city to look for jobs. Young people want to live independently, newly married families can not afford to buy apartments, or newly established business companies .... To meet all the needs as well as save time to search for apartments for rent in District 2. Those who want to rent a house look for apartment rental consultancy services in Ho Chi Minh City to easily get the right options.

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2. Difficulties in finding apartments in the city. HCM

Apartment for rent in district 2 is too high

In any type of transaction, price is always an important factor. The price of an apartment is too high, not suitable with your own financial ability, so tenants do not dare to pay for the satisfactory accommodation.

In addition, most tenants do not know the status of District 2 real estate in the area and what projects are about to be put into use. Which leads to not finding apartments that fit your capacity.

Area of ​​the

The area factor is also important in finding apartments. An apartment with an appropriate area will meet the needs of the whole family, the members of the family also have their own space. Currently, large-sized apartments often come with high prices, so many people have to pay a very small rent in District 2 to afford.

Well located

When renting a house, tenants also place high demands on the location of the apartment close to their workplace or their children's school. Rented apartments must meet the conditions such as convenience for travel, shorten time and save travel costs.

However, in a densely populated city like Thao Dien and land fund is scarce, the selection of apartments to meet the above requirements is extremely difficult.

Security of the apartment and utilities

Security and adequate accommodation is always a priority choice for those who want to rent apartments in District 2. Most apartments today are protected 24/7, however many people are still worried about the security of the building.

To rent the apartment as you want and can be permanently attached, you must check the entire system of doors in the apartment for rent to ensure it is not safe. Besides, is the fire alarm system up to the standard of fire protection or not.

3. Difficulties encountered by apartment owners

apartment for rent in district HCMC

Waste time

With this business model, the lessor needs to determine the source of revenue that cannot be collected simultaneously. And because the budget is not abundant of tenants, landlords often have to collect money monthly. Not to mention late payments, which makes homeowners take longer to recover capital.

Environment complicated

The problem that makes apartment tenants headache is encountering complex customers, often disruptive, noise affecting the security order of the area. If you ignore the selection of tenants, you may have picked up the object of distractions, even dangerous.

Do not know the renters approach

When renting an apartment for rent in District 2 but without intermediaries, you will save a lot of costs. However, it leads to the rental will face many difficulties and obstacles.

You will not know how to reach customers in need and the advertising for your apartment is not right. When you do not master the skills and expertise, you still have difficulty persuading customers.

Therefore, the fastest and easiest access to customers you can contact the apartment rental consulting service in Saigon, District 2. You will have a prospect file introduced by the company without having to manually search.

aprtment for lesae in district 2

For the lessor:

Management loss

How to manage well from finding guests to rent apartments, managing tenants, maintaining relationships with partners ... also requires the owner of the apartment for rent to have skills and expertise. This will significantly consume your effort.

Money management

How to save costs at the lowest level and control revenue and expenditure is very important. That also determines the owner 's monthly profit control.

If revenue and expenditure cannot be controlled, the owner of the apartment will face a shortage of capital, the heaviest is to suffer losses. The pressure is even greater when investors borrow money from banks when the monthly revenue is small.

Opportunity cost

Payback period for the rental of apartments can last from 5 to 10 years, even longer. Business of this type means the opportunity to switch to other investment channels is also lost.

Undeniably owning an apartment for rent is the desire of many people. However, along with those benefits are the relentless efforts of the lessor.

What is apartment rental in district 2 and rental advisory service in District 2?

In large urban areas, the constantly increasing population makes the demand for housing increase sharply. The purchase, sale and lease transaction takes place continuously. It is also from the complex nature, that apartment rental consultancy services in District 2 exist to meet all the questions, concerns and support people to find a house quickly.

Apartment rental consultancy service in District 2 is the activity of collecting, processing information, applying professional knowledge to find out and detect problems. Then propose solutions, set up projects to evaluate the situation of rental real estate. This work is carried out independently by organizations and individuals based on the request of consultants.

Why should you use the consulting service for renting and renting an apartment in District 2

As a type of consultation on issues related to leases, transaction contracts are aimed at the interests of customers first. Apartment rental consulting service in Ho Chi Minh City with lawyers, knowledgeable experts will advise you on legal issues.

For people renting apartments:

Along with the knowledgeable, seasoned experts, real estate experts will support and advise you. This service will help you not need to worry about finding rental housing as well as complicated legal procedures.

The use of consulting services will help you solve problems in finding customers. From there you will have time to do other jobs as well as rent apartments easily, quickly payback.

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